Sports Premium

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Sports Premium 2015

We will receive our first allocation (7/12) or £4,885.42 on 31st October 2014 and our second allocation (5/12) or £3,489.58 on 30th April 2015.

As last year, we are committed to improving the quality of the PE and Sports activities we are offering pupils in the Primary Part of the school. One of the school’s School Development Targets focuses on ‘Physical Development and Wellbeing’ which will be achieved through the provision of a comprehensive, accessible physical education curriculum for all pupils, accommodating their physical, emotional, medical and learning needs.

This year, the provision this will include;

Reading Football Club

Pupils have been accessing football lunch time clubs ran by Reading football club. This has developed pupil’s friendships, understanding of rules, game play and communication with outside agencies. Structured football lunchtime clubs has decreased behaviour problems on the playground. It has given pupils opportunities to deal with winning and losing games and difficulties that come with this.

Soft Archery Set/Arm Guards

KS2 pupils have been accessing Archery club on a Tuesday and Wednesday lunch time, the archery sets have given them the opportunity to try different activities and they have really enjoyed doing so. The soft arrows are good as we can teach the safety rules around archery for when they go to Thirtover on residential or Adventure Dolphin in KS3.

Dance Teacher

KS2 pupils have been accessing dance at lunch times on a Friday. They have expressed a real enjoyment from these sessions. They are also learning new skills and beginning to link movement that is a key fundamental skill at primary age.

Tennis sessions at Bradfield College

All KS2 pupils will have access to going to Bradfield College for a 5 week block of Tennis lessons. The coaches are very understanding of the needs of the pupils and will adapt accordingly. They are working on physical literacy incorporating hand eye co-ordination, agility, balance and speed. These are fundamental skills that pupils at this age should be developing in order to build upon in the future. This has also given pupils the opportunity to go offsite and experience a different setting where there are lots of indoor tennis courts.

“5 A Day TV” subscription

Primary pupils have been accessing 5 a day TV as part of their “Wake up Shake up” routine. This provides them with a variety of dance routines for them to copy with varying difficulty levels. This is an excellent engaging resource that pupils have benefitted from for a “Wake up Shake up” activity. We also have brought the home access this year where some students have been using this resource at home too.


The mats have been replaced due to some being condemned and not fit for purpose. This has allowed pupils to access activities such as Gym, rebound, Judo and Yoga. The mats have also been used for jumping off of apparatus safely. Some benches have been replaced due to old ones being unsafe or condemned. Pupils have now been able to access activities such as balancing, jumping off and climbing in gymnastics lessons. The benches are also used in assemblies for children to sit on. Pupils have been accessing high quality PE lessons delivered using equipment that is appropriate for them e.g. the correct sized balls. Different team games are now able to be played using bibs, cones, hoops and beanbags.

If you require any more information in relation to the Primary Sports Premium, or its use at Brookfields please don’t hesitate to contact either Sarah Strudley (Assistant Head Teacher) or Andrew Brown (Finance), who will be happy to answer any questions about additional funding on 0118 942 1382


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