18.2.22 – Brookfields School CLOSED due to Red Weather Warning

Posted: Friday 18th February 2022

Following on from my communication yesterday (17.2.22), the situation continues to develop. The current picture is as follows;

The Met Office has issued a Red Weather warning for our area


The strongest winds in Thames Valley are expected between 08:00-13:00 Friday 18th (give or take an hour either side). We are expecting winds of 60-70mph + at this time

The met Office and Fire & Rescue agencies are discouraging travel unless necessary, which is why people that can are being encouraged to work from home.

Expected hazards include flying debris which could result in danger to life, damage to buildings with roofs blown off and power lines brought down, fallen branches and some uprooted trees, transport issues, the potential for prolonged power cuts.

I have therefore decided that it will be safer for our pupils and staff to close the school, 18th February 2022

This is a regrettable decision to have made but the safety of pupils and staff is paramount

Please stay safe


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