Pink Class have had a great opportunity to learn about travelling on public transport as well as the jobs people do to keep the buses running to schedule. Pink Class travelled from school to the Reading Buses Depot on the Number 16 bus for a fun filled, informative and jam packed day! When the pupils arrived at the depot, one of the first people they met was Malcolm the mechanic. Malcolm told everyone about his […]

On Monday 30th January, Green Class in Key Stage 2 were lucky enough to visit the Science Museum in London! It was an amazing trip and everything went like clockwork. The journey through London went smoothly and all the pupils enjoyed watching the city go by as they drew closer to their destination. When we arrived, the group headed to the brand new exhibit of the Soyuz Spacecraft which took astronaut Tim Peake to and […]

Purple class love getting messy and with our topic this term being ‘Let’s Make a Mess’, we need no excuse to do so! Getting messy is an important part of our pre-formal curriculum for our pupils as it   allows them to explore a variety of tactile and sensory items with all their senses. So far this term we have had some messy play sessions with soap foam as well as messy cooking lessons exploring angel […]

Happy New Year to you all! You will have heard in the media about the possibility of snow coming our way. As colder weather is forecasted it seems appropriate to remind you of the school procedures in place, and where you can find up to date information, should the school need to close or operate alternative opening hours in the event of bad weather. Wherever possible, I will of course, endeavour to keep the school […]

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