Swimming Gala at Stoke Mandeville Stadium

Posted: Tuesday 7th June 2016

In May, 7 pupils from the Secondary School attended a Swimming Gala at Stoke Mandeville Stadium. This gala was organised by the charity ‘Panathlon Challenge’. Their aim is to provide sporting opportunities for disabled young people by running sport competitions throughout the country. Also taking part in this gala were Addington and Arbour Vale both from Berkshire.

For some of our pupils, this was their first taste of inter school competition despite being a bit nervous, they loved it. The events were split into straight swimming races with 25 metres needing to be swum in the different strokes. Samuel did really well at his 25 metre swim despite forgetting to put his goggles on!

Other events included team relays, treasure hunts, ball shuttle races and how far can you push and glide.

As the team was split across different key stages it gave our pupils the opportunity to work together with pupils they may not normally be with. The teamwork and encouragement they showed was fantastic and all seemed to enjoy their day out.

A big congratulations to Samuel, Gemma, Ed, Saffi, Yanne, Shane and Callum for their hard work and look forward to competing again next year.

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