25th Anniversary of MOVE in the UK

Posted: Monday 16th May 2022

The MOVE is an approach we that we have had at Brookfields School for 15 years, 11 years of which we have been assessed to be a Regional Centre of Excellence! Over the last 15 years, many of our young people who have a physical impartment have achieved goals which have enabled them to be more independent.

This year marks the 25th Anniversary of MOVE in the UK and we are thrilled to be part of the celebrations.

On 24th May this year, we will be marking this milestone by holding a number of MOVE related events and activities at school.

Pupils and staff will complete a sponsored walk of 25 laps of our cycle track, the equivalent of 8K! Pupils will be completing as many laps as they can by walking independently, using their walkers or adaptive tricycles.

Theme of the celebrations is ‘MOVE to save the Planet’. Pupilsare preparing fancy dress costumes from recycled materials to be paraded; a commemoration tree will be planted; there will also be pupil orchestra where all the instruments will be made from junk. Of course, no celebration can be had without an afternoon tea where pupils will be making and decorating the cakes 

We are looking forward to welcoming to our celebrations the National MOVE Programme Director, staff and pupils from other schools and settings as well as some of the families who have been supported by MOVE.

So what is MOVE?

MOVE is a curriculum designed to teach young people with physical impairments functional mobility skills, such as sitting, standing, walking and transferring to anyone who has physical difficulties.

MOVE can benefit children and young people who have not had the opportunities to develop and learn these skills in the same way that neuro typical learners might. A MOVE programme for an individual is threaded throughout their life at school and home, and focusses on naturally occurring daily routines to allow repeated practice opportunities.

The young person and  their family is key to the MOVE approach, as through an integrated approach between home, school and therapists, children and young people to achieve their goals in a holistic way.

For those who would like to know more about MOVE, please click on the link

You can also contact Helen Thurgood (MOVE Trainer, Brookfields School) on 0118 942 1382

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