Adventures of the Thames

Posted: Monday 25th September 2017

For some pupils in Key Stage 3 this term, their PE lessons and activities won’t be based at school but will take place at Adventure Dolphin in Pangbourne. Some of you will know about the amazing work of Adventure Dolphin and the amazing opportunities the offer young people.

The Key Stage 3 pupils attending Adventure Dophin this term are developing their canoeing skills! Everyone had a great time and no one has fallen in…! In addition to  learning and practicing new skills, the pupils have taken great pleasure in looking at the world around them as the paddle down The Thames. Last week some pupils spotted a heron and others spotted some Alpaca’s. We all know that Alpaca aren’t commonly seen on by the Thames but those of you who know the areas will be aware of why the pupils spotted these animals.

Next week the pupils will be paddling to Mappledurham House to see the Willow trees and to have some hot chocolate.

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