Atlantic College Residential Trip – 8th to 12th June

Posted: Monday 22nd June 2015

Another adventure away in Atlantic College, Wales, with some new faces and some familiar faces, for KS4 and Sixth Form.

Before we even went, some of us pupils, mainly those who had never been before, were nervous at the prospect of staying away from the comfort of their home for a week. As for others, some rejoiced at the idea of staying away and having a break from school and family! However, in the end, everyone was agreed that going to Atlantic College was one of the best trips away. These are some of the things that we enjoyed.

Firstly, the activities were sensational and some were even wet! Canoeing seemed to be quite popular, especially amongst the pupils who have been before (including me). Our favourite part of canoeing was playing the ‘Piano Keys’ game and eventually tipping everybody into the freezing outdoor pool. Others were absolute super stars at climbing, like they had no fear. They were little Spider- men and women in the making! We also enjoyed more subdued activities, like the coastal walk and the woodland adventure. We discovered many interesting things, including a gigantic watch tower.

The food there was of the highest quality and the scenery was something of a marvel too. All pupils ate their breakfast, lunch and dinner within a hall in a castle, very much resembling something from ‘Harry Potter’. The two things we most enjoyed about the food were having a filling, cooked breakfast every morning and pizza for dinner, which seemed to be our favourite dinner of the week.

Near the end of the week, every pupil and teacher was handed certificates for something they had achieved throughout the week. One of the pupils got one for being brave and trying everything. Another got a certificate for being more independent and looking after themselves; and one pupil got a certificate for actually waking up and being ready on time, something that this pupil found quite difficult!

Finally, the two main events were the talent show and the disco on the last day. Fun was had by all, with plenty of laughs at the talent show! We had a great range of acts, from a comedian to lots of singing performances. Our winner though was a very talented young lady, with a special gift for rap, Emily! After hearing her beautiful lyrics, everyone agreed that ‘pizza is in our hearts’! The disco was also fantastic. Whether we loved, or loathed dancing, we all had fun and got involved at the end. There was lots of emotion present at the disco. The instructors sang a ‘goodbye’ song, which got some of us quite teary- eyed.

Overall, Atlantic College was just fabulous, action- packed and bittersweet for those who had their last trip this year. All of us would definitely recommend every pupil to go because it is guaranteed, that everyone will have the time of their lives!

Written by Paige (Year 11)

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