Autism Acceptance Week

Posted: Friday 23rd March 2018

This year, we are focusing on ‘acceptance’ during Autism Awareness Week, and have thus renamed our celebration of all things autism.

Acceptance is an important part of the process when our young people are diagnosed with autism, whether it be acceptance of what autism means to the young person themselves or acceptance of how autism may impact the lives of the parents or carers supporting the young person. Acceptance also comes from the community surrounding the young person, with people accepting autism as part of the whole person and accommodating as much as possible so they feel valid and recognised in society.

To recognise the week, we are holding as few special events at Brookfields School.

  • Monday 26th March

We will be having a visit from ‘The Engine Shed’ who will be facilitating a toy train workshop in Early Years. Key Stage 2 students are also welcome, and teachers will be looking into pupils who have a special interest in trains and locomotion so they can take part in this engaging activity

  • Wednesday 28th March

We will be holding a Coffee Morning when a guest speaker will hold a and Q&A with Rachel Cotton, a parent of a pupil at Brookfields with autism, and also an parent with autism herself. Rachel is going to talk about her experience of Autism, the diagnosis process, and the science behind Autism. This event will be open to families and will take place in the usual ‘coffee morning’ slot in the 6th Form hall. The event will start at 11.00am, please use the form below to indicate your interest so we know how many cakes and biscuits to provide!

  • Throughout the week, the schools Autism Ambassadors, Grace and Lily, will be making a film of the events. They will be interviewing staff and students around the school about their experiences of living with autism, and what autism means to them. The film will be premiered after the Easter Holidays and will be made available to others to watch.
  • Pupils will be making special badges in our Key Stages across the week to mark our awareness of autism, themed around the colour gold and using the ‘autism pride’ logo – a local charity set up to help and support people with autism and the people who care about them


James Gearing

Head of the Autism and Behavioural Support Service

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