Autism Awareness Week 2019 at Brookfields School

Posted: Wednesday 3rd April 2019

This year for Autism Awareness Week, Brookfields School are celebrating famous people who are on the Autistic spectrum, were thought to have been Autistic, or who have talked about their Autism publicly.

We feel it is important to honour these people as they are doing great things to reduce the stigma around Autism and what it means to be diagnosed on the spectrum – they are from all walks of life and have all had varied and successful careers.

We are holding a ‘Celebrity Hunt’, and inviting class groups to take a tour around the site to look for 10 different posters featuring famous people with Autism. Each poster contains some information on why they are famous, and how Autism has affected their lives in the public eye.

Last year, 2 students from 6th form created a video entitled ‘Autism = Awesome’ which we would like to share again with you. They interviewed staff and pupils from around the school, asking them what Autism means to them. We are very proud of the video so please give it a watch!T

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