Bradfield Class Key Stage 4 News

Posted: Thursday 17th December 2015

Bradfield Class have had a busy start to Year 11 and there is so much we could tell you about! We’ve been to Thirtover Place for an overnight stay, we’ve gone town training, had cooking lessons with Mrs Wainwright and we went to The Oxford Playhouse to see ‘The Tempest.’ But one of the highlights of the term was when Mr Mills came to our English lesson

We had borrowed ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ by Dr Seuss from the school library to read in our classroom. Everyone remembered that Mr Mills really likes this book, so two of Bradfield Class went to his office to see if he would come and read the book to us in one of our English lessons.

Fortunately Mr Mills said “yes!” and earlier this term he came to English and read ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ as well as some of Roald Dahls’ ‘Revolting Rhymes.’ Everyone really enjoyed it and Mr Mills made us all laugh with his funny voices – although he did make a few people jump when he banged the table with his hand.

We hope that Mr Mills will come back after Christmas to read to us again, thank you Mr Mills!

Bradfield Class
December 2015

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