Brook At Home Fest


Are you and your family ready for an adventure?

Brookfields Families and staff are invited for a night of excitement and bravery. As so many of our pupils are missing out on residential escapades we wanted to give you all a challenge! How much of this challenge you complete is up to you and your families!

Anyone completing the challenge will receive a specially designed souvenir to remember your brave undertaking and to celebrate your achievement and the fun you had!

During the week beginning 22nd June and ending on the 3rd July a special Assembly! We are inviting families to safely camp out at home! There are lots of options below so don’t worry if you don’t have a tent or you’re not quite ready for a night under the stars!

***To make this feel like a community event we would really like all involved to share photos of their adventurous sleeping setups, activities completed, festivals celebrated and yummy food cooked! Please email to [email protected] and include your permission to use to be shared to a special page on our website for all to see and celebrated with a special Friday assembly on Youtube with a special appearance from Nora the Explorer!***

Know that you can do one of these activities, some, or all! Or none! This is not compulsory and just something fun for those who want a little safe adventure at home! Do what you feel comfortable, confident and safe with.

For more information and all of the resources and videos regarding BROOK ‘at home’ FEST please see the school Website.

For More resources please visit;

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