Brookfields School is Awarded CDI Careers Programme Award!

Posted: Friday 8th March 2019

Over the last 8 years we have been building our reputation in the way that we support our all learners prepare for life after school, whatever this might be.

Our learners are ambitious and want to do the very best they can whilst at Brookfields School and in their future lives. Some of our learners are very clear about wanting to have a job when they are older or to have a part time job whilst at school. Over the last 8 years we have been developing and refining our Careers Education Programme which supports and develops learner’s independence and life skills after school.

Over this period of time, we have supported over 50 young people into the world of work, a unique achievement. We would not have been able to do this without the amazing input from our learners, the support given by their families, the openness of the 70+ employers we have in our network or the transformational partnerships we have developed with organisations such as Taelntino! or Ways into Work, as we are all passionate about making a difference and changing life outcomes.

Through our partnership with the very talented and aspirational Talentino! team, we have developed a unique Careers Education programme (Careers at Every Level) for young people with Learning Difficulties and Additional needs, which is now being used in over 70 special schools across England. Together with Talentino!, we have championed the rights of young people with Learning Difficulties to have a robust Careers Education programme and raised the profile of this group with the DfE, Careers Enterprise Company and Careers England to name but 3. Our partnership with BASE (British Association of Supported Employers) and Ways into Work has meant that our learners and their families have benefited from bespoke support as they move from education into the world of employment.

We are thrilled that having been short listed on 3 consecutive occasions for a CDI award, this year our unique Careers Education Programme (Pathway to Employment) has been recognised by The Careers Development Institute (CDi) as an outstanding example of an innovative Careers Education Programme in a Special School. We have been awarded their ‘Best Practice in a Special Education and Employer Engagement‘, sponsored by National Careers Guidance Shows.

We are honoured and proud to have been awarded this prestigious accolade as it endorses the work of our amazing Pathway to Employment team here at Brookfields, the focused support of the families that we work with, and our fantastic business partners and employers. Together we are transforming the lives of so many people, and are committed to raising the aspirations of them, their families and employers in supporting our learners’ journeys from education into the world of work.

Thank you to all for your ongoing support and encouragement – together we are making a difference!

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