Business and Enterprise Education

At Brookfields School, we have developed a strong enterprise culture based largely on products made from re-cycled timber sourced from local companies, such as Laithwaites. The pupils design, develop and market products to sell to local business partners such as Barlows, Coblands and Englefield Garden Centres, Glenvale or stores like C & G Hardware in Tilehurst. Business Enterprise is designed to teach the pupils about the economic cycle, team work, productivity, quality assurance, design skills, marketing and business management.

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Students have the freedom to decide the focus of their activity and can work in teams or alone, undertaking specific roles to complete tasks. They identify the resources needed and are given responsibility for managing the activity. The essential nature of the real business world is reflected in tasks with a clearly defined product at the end.

If you are a local company who would be interested in joining our partnership, we would be more than happy to discuss a range of opportunities that we have to offer you.

For further information please contact the school of email the department at [email protected]

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