Autism Support Worker

Autism Support Worker 

The role of the Autism Support Worker (ASW) is an essential component of the service we are able to offer in supporting parents of children at Brookfields. Working out of school hours and so being available early in the morning, in the evening and during school holidays the ASW can follow up programmes introduced at school, adapt them for the home situation and then support the parents in implementing them.

Programmes are currently being supported by our ASW for the transference of play skills, a toilet training programme, a sleep routine programme and developing strategies to help reduce a particularly obsessive behaviour that is interfering with family life. The ASW will also accompany parents on shopping trips, visits to the dentist or to the doctors and will support any area of family life that is proving traumatic. Support training on Autism is also a priority and the ASW will attend courses run on Behaviour Management for example when there are parents of autistic pupils attending in order to be able to support the families afterwards.

For more information about the Autism Support Worker, please contact Becky Freeman – [email protected] on 0118 942 1382

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