Behaviour Clinic

The Autism Behavioural Support Service works with families in the wider community. The service runs a clinic for families who find it hard to manage their child’s challenging behaviour at home. The parents can attend consultations at the clinic to understand and develop strategies to use at home.

The service is for families living in West Berkshire and families who have a child on the autism spectrum attending a West Berkshire school. The referral to the clinic can be made by professional already involved with the child, such as education or health professionals.

The school also employs an Autism Support Worker who works in the home with the parents to implement autism specific programmes discussed at the consultations, modelling strategies, providing resources and giving advice.

If your child attends Brookfields School contact Becky Freeman – [email protected] to make an appointment or speak directly to Catherine Bernie (Headteacher).

When?   Wednesdays
What Time? Ring for an appointment
Where? Brookfields School
How? Book an appointment on 0118 945 5798

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