Training and Support

Supporting Parents and Other Family Members

Brookfields School has a strong and established philosophy, ethos and approach to engaging and supporting parents and other family members of children with a range of Special Needs.

The work that we do with families has been recognised through the school being awarded the national Investors in Investors-in-FamiliesFamilies. This reflects our commitment to raising pupil attainment and progress through the involvement of their families.

We offer parents a range of support and information opportunities through 1:1 work as well as courses that are not only open to those parents whose child already attends the school but also to those whose children we support through the schools Consultancy Service and those parents who have a child in one of our Cluster Schools

We offer Brookfields parents a range of courses which are also open to parents of children we support through the Specialist Inclusion Support Service and parents who have a child in a local mainstream school.

We offer a range of workshops and courses over the academic year to:

  • Parents of pupils attending Brookfields School
  • Parents of pupils we support through the Specialist Inclusion Support Service
  • Parents of pupils with a learning difficulty in local mainstream schools.

We aim to empower parents to being able to support their child as fully as possible.

The work and support that we are able to undertake with parents and families has been recognised through the school meeting all the Investors in Families standards. To learn more about Investors in Families click here

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