Intensive Interaction

Intensive Interaction is a teaching approach devised and validated by Dave Hewett and Melanie Nind in 1988, derived partly from work on early infant interactions by Gary Ephraim. Essentially it is the means by which pre-verbal children or adults are enabled to accept and enjoy close physical proximity, meaningful eye-contact, turn taking, and all the other key elements which are essential to create a full and reciprocal communicative exchange.

Staff first observe what a pupil enjoys doing and then aim to be MORE engaging, motivating, rewarding, stimulating, enjoyable, predictable and communicative to enable the individual to engage. We use imitation as a primary method of engagement and follow the child’s lead to enable them to retain control of the interactions. Intensive Interaction has proved to be the means through which many pupils have moved from introspective, needs driven relationships to becoming true interactive communicative partners communicating through enjoyment and with a genuine desire to do so.

Parents are involved in developing programmes that can be followed in the home and we have been lucky enough to have Dave Hewett, one of the co-originators of the approach, come and do a days training within the school.  Intensive Interaction training is offered to other schools by staff from Brookfields.


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