Sensory Processing Consultant

How we process sensory information effects how we behave, concentrate and develop skills.

Sensory Integration 1Working with all teaching staff and the schools Integrated Therapies, our Sensory Processing Consultant focusses on how each pupil, at the school, processes sensory information and whether this impacts on their ability to achieve their learning, develop new skills and keep themselves in the ‘just right’ place for living and learning.

Our highly skilled and knowledgeable consultant carries out an assessment through classroom observation, sensory processing questionnaires with parents, teachers, the pupil, and through the provision of sensory equipment to have a ‘try-out’.

Once the assessment has been complete, our Consultant draws up an Intervention Programme which is delivered in a range of different ways, for example:

  • Class based programmes – ‘sensory diets’,
  • Provision of sensory equipment for use in school
  • Loan of equipment for parents
  • Group work
  • 1:1 treatment sessions

For some pupils, we are able to offer a ‘food therapy programme’ which aims to increase food tolerance for children with very restricted diets.

To ensure consistency of approach, the schools Sensory Processing Consultant runs a number of courses, not only for school staff but for family members too.

If you would like more details about on Sensory Processing, please contact Ellie Davies on either 0118 942 1382 or email on [email protected]

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