Speech Therapy

At Brookfields School, communication is fundamental for every child. We strongly believe it is every child’s right to develop their own communication skills as fully and as competently as possible ensuring they achieve their own potential to interact with others, access the curriculum and the world around them.

The schools communication team is a multi-disciplinary team involving education staff and Speech and Language Therapists working in partnership across the school to support in class and with individuals where appropriate. This team develops and promotes the school’s Total Communication Policy.

Each class has support from the communication team on a half termly basis because it is crucial that pupil’s communication strategies are integrated throughout all learning activities and opportunities.

Where appropriate, detailed assessment of the pupils communication needs will be carried out involving parents, teachers and in some instances the physiotherapist and O.T.  Working in a multi-disciplinary way ensures that communication targets and strategies are set jointly with parents and education staff. These targets and strategies are incorporated into the pupils Individual Education Plan.

In line with the schools philosophy and approach to working in partnership with parents, the Speech and Language Therapy Service at Brookfields School strives to work in partnership with the pupils’ family in order to develop and support continuity and consistency of approach between home and school. The communication team provides training for both staff and parents to promote the use of a wide range of communication strategies such as the use of signing or symbols. A foundation course in communication (Communication – It Takes Two) is run annually for parents and other family members.

Staff have access to an inter-disciplinary Communication and Sensory Workshop on a monthly basis. The school’s Total Communication Policy underlines the importance of every child’s right to communicate and promotes the ethos of giving that opportunity to every child that attends Brookfields School.

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