Qualifications and Accreditation

On this page, you will find an explanation of the current qualifications, accreditation and assessments we deliver in Key Stage 4 and our 6th Form.

Qualification grades:

  • Entry Level 1
  • Entry Level 2
  • Entry Level 3
  • Level 1 (equivalent to GCSE grades D-G)
  • Level 2 (Equivalent to GCSE grades A – C)
  • GCSE A* – G


Key Stage 4

Entry Level

Entry Level in the UK is the lowest level in the National Qualifications Framework in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Qualifications at this level recognise basic knowledge and skills and the ability to apply learning in everyday situations under direct guidance or supervision. Learning at this level involves building basic knowledge and skills and is not usually geared towards specific occupations. Entry Level qualifications can be taken at three levels (Entry 1, Entry 2 and Entry 3 and are available on a broad range of subjects. They are targeted at a range of learners including those with learning difficulties. The level after Entry Level in the National Qualifications Framework is Level 1, which includes GCSE grades D-G. We currently offer entry levels in the following subjects:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Science


We are currently changing the qualification we deliver in computing to make it more suitable for the current needs of our students.

Personal and Social Development (PSD)

Personal and social development is interwoven across all areas of the secondary curriculum. Students are assessed in the following 3 strands:

  • Interacting and working with others
  • Independent and organisational skills
  • Attention

You can find out more about Entry Level by clicking here

Functional Skills

In English and Maths we now offer functional skills qualification at Level 1 for those that are able to access it.

Sports Leadership

We offer a Level 1 Award in Sports Leadership for year 11 students that can access it. In the 6th form some students will get the opportunity to take the Level 2 Sports Leadership Award.

Arts Award

The Arts Award is delivered at level Explore (equivalent to EL3), Bronze (Equivalent to a Level 1 Award) or Silver (Equivalent to a Level 2 Award) Level dependent on students individual abilities.

To find out more about Arts Award, click here

Duke of Edinburgh Award

We offer the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award to all our year 11 students that can access it. Some students may also take this Award before year 11 through our link with the West Berkshire Activity Team, Pangbourne. Once students have completed their Bronze Award we will assess whether they are able to move onto the Silver Award. The Bronze Award is equivalent to a Level 1 Award.


The General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) is an academically rigorous, internationally recognised qualification awarded in a specified subject, generally taken in a number of subjects by pupils in secondary education in England, Wales and Northern Ireland over two years. Although some of our students are able to access a specific GCSE course most are likely to follow the Entry Level/ASDAN framework of qualifications and accreditation. In saying that, ASDAN Certificate of Personal Effectiveness, (CoPE) is a Level 1/2 qualification and is recognised as a GCSE equivalent. We offer GCSEs in:

  • Art
  • Maths
  • English


6th Form

What is ASDAN and why is my son/daughter following this specific programme?

ASDAN is a pioneering curriculum development organisation and awarding body, offering programmes and qualifications that explicitly grow skills for learning, skills for employment and skills for life. ASDAN provides a range of courses covering preparation for life and work, enrichment subjects, PSHE and Citizenship. What ASDAN stand for

  • Celebrating the diversity of multi-talented young people
  • Encouraging, engaging and motivating learners
  • Making learning relevant and transferable
  • Developing skills for learning, skills for employment, skills for life
  • Promoting active and experiential learning
  • Rewarding a range of learning styles and contexts

Every course is designed to develop learners’ personal, transferable and employability skills through an engaging and challenging curriculum of activities, leading to a certificate of achievement. Learners typically range from Entry to University levels and for all ages, but with a particular focus on the 13-19 age group, ASDAN courses offer wide-ranging provision.

Key Facts about ASDAN

  • ASDAN is growing in status and is becoming more widely recognised and acknowledged by both Colleges of FE and Employers.
  • More than 4,000 registered centres
  • Approved by the Department for Education (under Sections 96 and 97 of the Learning and Skills Act 2000)
  • Approved by Ofqual (England), DfES (Wales), CCEA (Northern Ireland) and SQA (Scotland)
  • Recognised by the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) in relation to HE Entry
  • All ASDAN qualifications are approved by Ofqual and carry points comparable to GCSEs. As a guide, 25 points (Level 1) is comparable to a GCSE grade E/F and 46 points (Level 2) is comparable to a GCSE grade B

For some students who have GCSE’s or Entry Level 3 on entering the 6th Form, they will follow another ASDAN programme of study called CoPE (Certificate of Personal Effectiveness). The qualifications offer imaginative ways of accrediting young people’s activities. They promote, and allow centres to record, a wide range of personal qualities, abilities and achievements of young people, as well as introducing them to new activities and challenges.

To find out more about ASDAN Transition Challenge, click here

To find out more about ASDAN Towards Independence, click here

To find out more about CoPE, click here

What is SILSAF (Secondary Independent Living Skills Assessment Framework)?

SILSAF is an assessment tool which has been designed and developed by Brookfields School to monitor Key Stage 4 and 6th Form students’ progress in the development of their independence skills. As well as being a way to standardise the collection of data relating to students’ progress, we also use SILSAF set targets. One of the many threads which run through the curriculum in Key Stage 4 and the 6th Form is the acquisition of Independent Living Skills – SILSAF allows staff, students and families to track progress in acquiring and applying everyday skills across a range of different settings. Currently the modules are: Food Technology, Town Training, Work Related Learning, Work Experience and Social Skills.

LASER’s LEAP Qualification

Students on our Project SEARCH programme will be following the LEAP (Learning, Employability & Progression) qualification. LASER’s Learning, Employability and Progression (LEAP) suite of qualifications offer a wide variety of personal development and vocational taster units. LEAP has been designed with flexibility in mind from Entry Level 3 to Level 1.

To learn more about the LEAP qualification, click here

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