PSHE (Personal Social and Health Education)

PSHE is a core area of learning and curriculum for all learner of the curriculum at Brookfields School.

It allows pupils to acquire and develop necessary life skills at a level appropriate to their needs and learning style. For pupils in the Early Years, Key Stage 2 and the 6th Form, the emphasis is upon developing skills though a cross-curricular approach in all areas of school life.

This approach is also used in Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4, but pupils here will have increased access to discrete timetabled PSHE lessons, including Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) and Careers Education (Pathway to Employment).

PSHE also supports and encourages our pupils to learn and use a number life and independence skills at a level appropriate to their needs and learning styles. The development of these skills is delivered through our wide range of subjects and opportunities such as our Town Training programme, Social Skills, Food Technology, Social Skills, Work Related Learning to name but a few. For pupils in Key Stage 4 and 6th Form, the acquisition of Independence Skills is tracked through SILSAF (Secondary Independent Living Skills Assessment Framework)

SRE (Sex and Relationship Education)

SRE is another core subject at Brookfields School. Our SRE programme aims to do the following:

  • Present information in a sensitive, balanced and objective manner
  • Allow students access to individual sex education and relationships as and when their physical, emotional and social development dictates
  • Promote and develop self esteem
  • Encourage the development of appropriate behaviour in their family and community
  • Empower pupils by teaching and supporting them how to make informed choices and decisions
  • Enable pupils to protect themselves
  • Give opportunity for discussion in a safe environment

Parents are notified of the content of the SRE lessons before the course begins. They are able to request to speak to the teacher or Head of PSHE about the content and the resources that are going to be used.

Parents have a right to withdraw their son or daughter from all or part of the PSHE Sex and Relationships Education programme, but not the National Curriculum science aspects of reproduction.


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