End of Year Leavers & Awards & Assembly 2015

Posted: Wednesday 22nd July 2015

Our whole school end of year Leavers and Awards Assembly was a resounding success for everyone who attended. As it was held outside on the playing field and we were all very grateful that the rain held off.

We say goodbye to 15 students this year who are going onto a range of destinations, FE Colleges and New-LogoSupported Internships. Some of the young people who are leaving have been with us only for a year but others have spent their whole educational career with us. We are sad to see them and their families leave us but we all know they will achieve so much in the next stage of their lives…but we will be keeping tabs on them!

All our pupils at the school have achieved so much over the last year so congratulations go to everyone for their amazing achievements, efforts and hard work. The great work  individual pupils have made over the year was celebrated through the presentation of Awards, Trophies, Shields and Certificate. There were some very proud parents and staff but congratulations to everyone!

Here is this years ‘Role of Honour’

  • The Jennifer Burt MOVE Mobility Award was awarded to Destiny
  • The Leolie London Shield for RDA was awarded to Natasha
  • The George McClelland Shield for RDA was awarded to Casie
  • The Marc Osborne Cup for RDA was awarded to Samuel for the second year running

RDA Medals and rosettes

  • RDA Endeavour Award went to Gemma, Ryan & Matty
  • RDA Best Achiever was awarded to Jared
  • RDA Best New Rider 2015 was given to Katie
  • RDA Best Overall Rider 2015 was given to Callum
  • Primary School Horticulture Award was given to Callum
  • Secondary School Horticulture Award went to Samuel
  • The Audrey McAuslen Crine Cup was awarded to Uways
  • The Sporting Achievement Cup was awarded to Zoya
  • The Performing Arts Shield went to Stephen
  • The Eco Award was given to Ethan

The Thames Shield (Early Years)   

  • Nathan was awarded the Shield this year for his really good progress in all areas, particularly with his language.
  • A Certificate of Achievement was awarded to Armi Jaimz for settling in so well on his duel placement
  • A Certificate of Achievement was awarded to Isabel for making great progress in recognising her emotions and acting appropriately.

Loddon Shield (Key Stage 2)           

  • Mohammed was awarded the Shield for always trying hard, representing the school in many sports activities, making good progress and his improved behaviour and communication
  • A Certificate of Achievement was awarded to Jessica for increased engagement and beginning to use speech effectively as well as eating and drinking well.
  • A Certificate of Achievement to was awardedBen for increased engagement in all areas and using objects of reference to make requests

Kennet Shield  (Key Stage 3)           

  • Ben was awarded the Shield for improved interaction and communication skills
  • A Certificate of Achievement was awarded to Daniel for being a supportive and caring friend and for keeping level headed
  • A Certificate of Achievement was awarded to Hayleigh for being more engaged and starting to problem solve

Pang Shield (Key Stage 4)       

  • Tierney was awarded the Shield for making her own book, doing well in Maths and doing DofE (coping with canoeing all day and staying in a tent all night
  • A Certificate of Achievement was awarded to Paige for her work ethic over the year. Maintaining a great sense of humour throughout the pressure of GCSE subjects and work experience
  • A Certificate of Achievement was awarded to Jake for increased communication, helpful attitude in class and willingness to participate when others give up

Bourne Shield (6th Form)

  • Laxmi was awarded the Shield for her consistent effort and caring attitude towards her friends and others
  • A Certificate of Achievement was awarded to Jack for continued and good progress in all areas
  • A Certificate of Achievement was awarded to Aaron for good progress in all areas throughout the year

Other Awards

  • Mick Lear Friendship Award went to James for being relied on to welcome visitors to  the school with his warm and generous nature
  • John Byrne Primary Award was awarded to Joseph for the fantastic progress he has made in the short time he has been at the school
  • John Byrne Secondary Award was given to Ben to outstanding progress in all areas of development throughout the last year

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