February News from Blue Class!

Posted: Monday 8th February 2016

We have been very busy in Blue Class with our ‘Explore’ topic. We have been finding out about and investigating the North Pole and the Jungle using all of our senses. The class particularly enjoyed having their faces painted and dressing up as animals. They really got into character; crawling, jumping and hunting for prey.

Recently Blue Class visited Dinton Pastures for the day. The children behaved superbly and represented the school fantastically! The ponds and lakes at the park were vast. We spotted ducks, geese, swans and numerous seagulls. The children also counted the number of dogs (and their owners) we passed on our walk. As we walked around the pastures, the children listened carefully to all of the environmental sounds. We particularly enjoyed the sounds of the crunchy twigs and leaves under foot and the squelch of our wellies in the mud.

The play park at Dinton Pastures was incredible! There were swings, slides, sand pits, roundabouts and numerous tunnels and trails. As a class, we decided our favourite activity was unquestionably the zip wire. A number of the children were unsure about the idea initially, which enabled the adults to have a giggle demonstrating! Within minutes, the children were all flying across the park, taking turns, cheering each other on and having so much fun. The laughter and excitement was evident to all. Blue Class loved the zip wire so much, they are planning to speak to Mrs Headland to ask for our own Brookfields zip wire for all to enjoy!

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