GCSE Art Work at Brookfields School

Posted: Monday 26th June 2017

We pride ourselves on providing our students with the best possible opportunities available to them. This is why we make sure they have a wide range of possible options including Art & Design GCSE, Arts Award plus a number of other Creative qualifications.

The number of pupils entering for Art GCSE has been increasing year by year. We started with one during my first year at the school this has now become five. We are hoping that this will continue as pupils strive to improve and challenge themselves. The profile of Creative Arts around the school has meant that students are more aware of opportunities available to them which could help enable them to get accreditations therefore better job prospects.

The five students who sat the exam this year were made up of three first year pupils and two final year pupils. They have achieved above and beyond expectations. All sat a 10 hour exam in complete silence with 100% concentration throughout. This alone is quite an achievement for some of our students so to have accomplished what they did in that time is remarkable. We have a wide breadth of techniques, creativity, imagination and skill shown in the work on display. Our predicted grades for the pupils range from A-C. I am incredibly proud of their hard work, dedication and unique ability to each produce one of a kind piece’s.

The work ranged from glass making, relief, mono printing, textiles, illustration, ceramics and sculpture with mod roc. This is just an example of the wide range of skills our pupils have gained during their time in the Art department. They have independently used the kiln, selected resources, equipment and materials. All students work included English and Maths skills so the course worked well as a way of transferring knowledge between lessons. We will be putting some of the work on display in the main reception area till the end of term if you would like to pop in and have a browse. Some of the original works will be going on sale September 2017 so get in quick before they sell out!

Charlotte Olbrecht (Head of Creative Arts)

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