Green Class Explore the Science Museum!

Posted: Monday 30th January 2017

On Monday 30th January, Green Class in Key Stage 2 were lucky enough to visit the Science Museum in London! It was an amazing trip and everything went like clockwork. The journey through London went smoothly and all the pupils enjoyed watching the city go by as they drew closer to their destination.

When we arrived, the group headed to the brand new exhibit of the Soyuz Spacecraft which took astronaut Tim Peake to and from The International Space Station – the parachute was enormous! It was fascinating to think that the capsule had actually been into space.

Next, we investigated patterns in ‘The Pattern Pod’ and got to make psychedelic shapes using our bodies!

The pupils loved being able to explore the museum and really enjoyed finding out about the earth’s atmosphere and the many of the things our bodies can do. Some of us even found out how we would look when we are elderly!.

To finish the day we had the opportunity to play in ‘The Garden’ – an indoor activity area filled with lots of physics experiments. We could investigate forces using pushing and pulling and even look at ourselves in wobbly mirrors. We mainly enjoyed manipulating the water and seeing which items would sink and float.

Green Class had an amazing day and would recommend the museum to everyone!

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