Key Stage 2 Cross Curricular Day – ‘All About Me’

Posted: Monday 7th November 2016

On Monday 7th November, all pupils in Key Stage 2 took part in our cross curricular day which was based on this terms topic, ‘All about Me’.

The aim of the day was to give the pupils some a range of new and exciting new experiences to enable them to learn more about themselves.

Purple and Orange class went to ‘Swings and Smiles’ in Newbury which has a lovely soft play and sensory area which enabled the pupils to explore the exciting, stimulating environment and to be able to make choices about what they wanted to play on.

Other pupils took part in a range of activities such as expressive dance sessions based on emotions, meeting Shetland ponies to stroke and groom them; making decisions about what to wear for a ‘class photo booth’ and helping to take photos of each other; tasting some more unusual fruits and finally, creating a whole key stage mural of a large hand print which is proudly displayed in our hall.  Everyone had a fantastic day!


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