Madejski Class say `Hola’! to Mexico!

Posted: Monday 6th March 2017

The pupils of Madejski Class in Key Stage 3 immersed themselves in learning about Mexico, finding out about the geography, culture, animals and foods of the country. They researched many facts and were able to create an impressive ‘working wall’ to show off their new knowledge. Pupils learned about the language and were keen to learn new Spanish words and phrases to practice in class. Pupils investigated the deserts, mountains and tropical rainforests of the country and found out lots about Mexico City. Beatriz, a colleague in Key Stage 3 who is actually from Mexico, visited our class to make some traditional Mexican food. The pupils enjoyed munching on tortillas and guacamole as well as trying out some Mexican snack foods. Our classroom reeked of garlic for about a week afterwards!

Pupils learned to do the ‘Mexican Hat Dance’ and to sing ‘La Cucaracha’. They all took part in a wider assembly, transforming the traditional story of Jack and the Beanstalk into a more Mexican version, aptly named `Jacko and the Chilli Bean Stalk’! Hayden and Alfie embraced the challenge of being our lead characters, sporting wonderful Mexican moustaches and playing ukuleles.

Pupils learned lots about the Day of the Dead festival and pupils were able to make wonderful mask designs during Art lessons, linking beautifully with our topic learning. It was a fun term, appreciating the vibrant culture of Mexico!

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