Mental Wellbeing through Sensory Assemblies

Posted: Friday 13th October 2017

This terms Sensory Assemblies have all focused on developing Positive Mental Wellbeing. n our Sensory Assemblies this ½ term, pupils have been focusing on Positive Mental Wellbeing, which is one of our one of our School Development Plan Targets this year. The assemblies have been based around the 5 ways to positive wellbeing:

  • Connecting with others
  • Being Active
  • Keep Learning
  • Giving to other
  • Taking Notice

Every assembly starts with the pupils and staff joining in with our ‘Brookfields chant’.

Once warmed up, everyone practices laughing, staring with ‘false laughter’ but this soon turns into everyone naturally giggly and laughing their socks off!

Staff have been supporting pupils make positive contact with each other to develop and improve their social wellbeing by practicing making good contact by high fiving each other.

Everyone has had such fun by raising their endorphins and serotonin levels by dancing to Pharrell Williams ‘Happy’!

During the meditation section, pupils and staff have listened to meditation music and watched the relaxing lights to clear their minds.

Creativity is also important for positive mental wellbeing. Pupils and staff have been encouraged to get creative and express themselves through making tactile collages, weaving and by creating music.

To end the assemblies, we promote positive mental wellbeing by de-cluttering and tidying up. Everyone has enjoyed the assembly and it has helped gives us the Friday feeling. Everyone has worked very well together as a large group. Attached are some photos from the assembly, apologies for the quality as the hall is darkened for our sensory lights. Next week we celebrate the end of term with a Disco.

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