National Sensory Story Day

Posted: Wednesday 11th October 2017

Brookfields School celebrated National Sensory Story Day on 29th September with a sensory story trail detailing the journey of “Bernice the Bumble Bee”. Bernice was blown around the school by a gust of wind and her journey easily followed by pupils and staff.

As the pupils followed Bernice’s progress, they enjoyed listening to “The Flight of the Bumble Bee”, they searched for her in rustling leaves in our Sensory Playground hand had a go at making noise of a woodpecker.

Bernice was blown to our Interactive Studio where many butterflies were flying. After another gust, Bernice was blown into the Sensory Garden where she gathered nectar from a range of flowers. Pupils then followed Bernice to the kitchen where they tasted Bernice’s Honey and tried on a beekeeper’s suit.

At the end of her journey around Brookfields School, Bernice was helped by pupils to take flight back to the meadow by wafting her with fans. Everyone had a great time transitioning around the sensory story trail and exploring the different stations. We continue to enjoy sharing sensory stories as part of our curriculum in our classes and look forward to next year’s National Sensory Story Day.

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