News from Black Class

Posted: Tuesday 6th March 2018

The pupils in Black Class have continued to explore the exciting theme based on ‘Dungeons and Dragons’. As part of their work, pupils have explored the book ‘Marmaduke the VERY Different Dragon’ and worked on finding things that are the same and different.

Pupils have had a great time developing their tennis skills once a week at Bradfield College where they have been coached by a professional tennis player. Along with tennis, pupils had other opportunities to develop their physical skills such as Rebound Therapy – everyone is getting much better at bouncing.

On World Book Day, the pupils loved being read to by different members of staff. As the theme for the day was ‘Bed Time Stories’, pupils and staff arrived at school in pyjamas and dressing grounds. Given that this was the day the snow started to fall, everyone loved having a mug of hot chocolate!


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