News from Yellow Class

Posted: Wednesday 9th December 2015

We have been very busy in Yellow Class this term! As part of the “Circus” topic, we have been rolling and climbing on soft play shapes and bouncing with an adult on giant inflatable balls. We have been also using the Outside Classroom to jump on the trampoline and spin on the roundabout.

We have been using the large wooden “Resonance Board” to listen to, and join in with favourite rhymes and songs. It is particularly enjoyable when small plastic balls are put on the board for our “Clown Rhyme” as they bounce into the air when it is tapped!

We have enjoyed tactile experiences through “Messy Play” sessions. A particular favourite was using “fizzy paint”. Lots of children were focused on watching the bubbles and then communicating they wanted “more”! We have also played with feathers, dry pasta and rice, exploring with our hands as well as our feet.

Recently, we have had an opportunity to use the Sixth Form Sensory Studio on a regular basis. We find the interactive floor especially engaging, as lights and sounds appear as soon as it is walked or crawled across. There are fish to “catch”, musical instruments to “play” and patterns to follow.

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