News from Pink Class

Posted: Thursday 10th November 2016

Our topic in Pink Class this term is “All About Me”.

We have been exploring the story of “Supertato” by Sue Hendra. We were shocked to discover that the Evil Pea had escaped from the story and caused havoc in our classroom! First we tidied the classroom and then we set to work finding the Evil Pea.

The children made wanted posters, which they put up around school, but unfortunately, the Evil Pea wasn’t found.

The pupils loved making their own Supertato models using potatoes. The whole class worked tirelessly to find the Evil Pea and designed and made our own traps to catch Evil Pea but unfortunately, these didn’t do trick either.

So, if you spot the Evil Pea out and about, please let Pink Class know, as we have a lovely recipe for some pea soup we would like to make!

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