News from Sky Class!

Posted: Wednesday 8th March 2017

This term, pupils in Key Stage Two have been exploring the topic ‘Let’s Make a Mess’. The pupils of Sky Class have rolled up their sleeves and REALLY enjoyed making lots of mess (and tidying it up of course!)

Using many messy materials, pupils have learnt how to estimate, weigh and measure in Maths. In English, they have been describing potions and choosing our favourite ones.

Science has involved pupils exploring and making a range of different mixtures and observing what happens when we combine ingredients. Some of the results were quite explosive!

Pupils loved using and exploring how different materials can make exciting, new effects during the whole Key Stage Creativity Day….the results were amazing! Pupils made their own tie-die T-shirts, splatter paintings of their names and met a real live scientist who thrilled everyone with his experiments using dry ice!

In addition to ‘getting messy’, pupils have also been developing their physical skills by having tennis coaching at Bradfield College. Although some pupils were a little unsure at first, with practice and support, everyone has improved their catching, throw and ball control skills. Next stop, Wimbledon!

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