News from Yattendon Class

Posted: Thursday 7th December 2017

Students from Yattendon Class in Key Stage 4 have been very busy developing some amazing Enterprise Projects this term!

Here is what they have been up to…

Harry, Lewis, Tyrese and Thomas are setting up a ‘Buy, Sell and Swap’ online project.

“We gave Michael (one of the schools IT Technician) a list of things we wanted and he created a web page and showed us. We made some changes. We’re going to set up a webpage so that people can tell us what they want to sell and other people can bid for the things. We hope to have it up and running as soon as possible!”

The Enterprise Project Amber, Libby, Jorden and Ryan worked on was to sell pasta pots to staff.

“We did a survey to find out whether staff would like is to do this and what flavours they would like. We went shopping to see what was the best value, then we bought the ingredients and made the pots and took them round to staff to sample. There will be three varieties: Cheese and Bacon; Chilli and Tomato and Chunky Vegetable and they will cost 50p each”.

Daniel, Ty, Harvey and Fardeen have been speaking to Mr Brown (the man with the money) to discuss whether they can raise money by cleaning the school minibuses and the school car.

“Our plan is to clean one bus every Thursday afternoon. We’ve made a checklist to make sure we clean properly. We will hoover the seats and floors, mop the floor, clean the windows and the dashboard and spray air freshener to make the bus smell nice”.


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