Pink Class go ‘On The Buses’

Posted: Tuesday 31st January 2017

Pink Class have had a great opportunity to learn about travelling on public transport as well as the jobs people do to keep the buses running to schedule.

Pink Class travelled from school to the Reading Buses Depot on the Number 16 bus for a fun filled, informative and jam packed day!

When the pupils arrived at the depot, one of the first people they met was Malcolm the mechanic. Malcolm told everyone about his job and how he and his team fixed the buses when they were broken or needed     servicing.

The pupils were able to see some of the brand new buses and learnt that buses in Reading are powered by either electricity, gas or diesel.


The pupils had an opportunity to visit the stores and saw all of the spare parts for the buses – what a lot of different parts they have!

At Customer Services, the pupils learnt that Reading Buses has a Facebook and Twitter page that is updated regularly.

After a chat with the Customer Services team, it was onto the Control Room which was amazingly busy as the staff their controlled the buses, spoke with the drivers. The pupils were enthralled at watching the live CCTV in the buses as they were watching the buses move about the map of Reading in the Control Room.

The final stop for pupils was to ‘the yard’ where they got to take a ride on a bus and take it in turns to be the driver (whilst it was stationary!).





The pupils and staff would like to say a huge thank you to the all the staff at Reading Buses who were very kind, welcoming, friendly and helpful. Thank you also for the amazing goody bags!

It was a fantastic day; everyone was exhausted on the ride back to school…on a Reading bus!

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