Please vote for Brookfields in the John Lewis Community Matters Scheme

Posted: Thursday 2nd February 2017

We are delighted that the partners at John Lewis in Reading have selected Brookfields to be part of their Community Matters scheme for the next three months (February, March and April).

It is very similar to the token collection schemes you may have seen in Waitrose or other retailers where 3 community groups are nominated and, depending on how many tokens are collected for each group, they will each receive a share of £3000.

We are planning to use the money raised to support our planned new multisensory room.

If you have a drink, snack or meal in the John Lewis restaurant in Reading, please ask for a token and use it to vote for Brookfields. There is a box directly outside the restaurant where all the tokens are being collected. The more tokens we can collect, the greater the share of the £3000!

If you would like to read a bit more about the scheme, here is a link to the John Lewis website which gives a bit more background.

Thank you for your support

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