UPDATED – Recipe of the Week!

Posted: Tuesday 18th May 2021

Hi, my name is Matthew and I attend Brookfields 6th Form

Last year, I did the Level 1 BTEC and this year I am doing the Level 2. It is more challenging than Level 1, I have to plan a 2 course meal and sometimes it is tricky getting the timings right.

I also have to show understanding of the nutritional value of foods, so that I can plan a balanced meal. The evaluations take longer as they are more detailed.

I have cooked lots of different things. We cook two dishes each week, repeating one of them the week after and adding a new one. This helps my confidence as I can cook independently the second time. My favourite so far is ham and cheese stuffed pancakes and chicken pie. I am looking forward to cooking a curry from scratch.

I would like to share with you some of the recipes, which I hope you will enjoy

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