Red Class News

Posted: Monday 30th November 2015

We have had a busy term finding out about the world around us and using our senses to explore different sounds, tastes and materials. We are thoroughly enjoying our weekly trips to ‘Forest School’ at the local woodlands. Recently, we transformed a log into a ‘boat’ to sing the ‘row, row, row your boat’ rhyme and found it really funny to wobble off at the end falling into the pretend water.

During a different session, we found a ‘tickle stick’ and chased after all of the adults to tickle them. We have been using our hands to feel the bark on the trees and to gather sticks to make a collection. It is great fun finding out about the woodland and gaining confidence to explore in different places – even in the rain but our favourite part is enjoying the hot chocolate at the end, delicious!

In the classroom we have been using our senses to explore different materials with our fingers, hands, noses and even our feet. We have explored sand, beads, pasta, glitter and even cornflour and water. We were all very sparkly after exploring glitter – even the adults!

During the term we have made (and eaten) strawberry and chocolate angel delight, fruit kebabs and biscuits covered in sprinkles.

This term we are finding out about the circus and will be balancing along blocks and lines on the floor like acrobats, moving to circus music with ribbons sticks and practising our circus songs in sing and sign. What a busy class!

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