Sixth Form

Who are we?

We are part of the Secondary Department and work with students with a range of learning needs and styles aged 16-19 in the purpose built 6th Form

Our Vision

Our vision is…

“To equip and prepare all our students for adult life so that they can lead full and productive lives as members of their own community”

We achieve this by:

  • Providing a stimulating learning environment, where all students can access a range of exciting activities, designed to educate, stimulate and challenge.
  • Creating an ethos in which everyone is valued and respected and where students are motivated, supported and encouraged to strive for success.
  • Providing the highest quality of teaching and learning, through a skilled and appropriately trained and dedicated staff team.
  • All students will access a range of accredited courses which will increase learning opportunities and raise achievements.
  • Providing outstanding care, support and guidance for all our students through a caring and nurturing community resulting in their excellent behaviour and high quality personal development.
  • Preparing our students for adult life by taking part in independence and self help skills programmes.
  • Where appropriate, some students will work towards gaining the skills necessary for paid employment through a range of work related experiences, activities and Project Search.
  • Working in partnership with students, their families, professionals and local authorities, to prepare the leavers for life after Brookfields.

The Learning Pathways, Curriculum and Accredited Courses

Students follow one of our 5 Learning Pathways depending on their attainment levels when they join this 6th Form. Each Pathway ensures that the students educational journey is tailored to meet their needs as well as to challenge them. In the 6th Form learning is planned around individual needs, interests and ambitions of the young person. The 6th Form team work in partnership with the young person and their family to develop the right learning programme so that our students can achieve long term goals.

Each students learning programme develops over will include:

  • Functional Skills (Literacy, Numeracy, Communication and ICT)
  • Self Help
  • Independence including Travel Training
  • Social Skills
  • Careers Education and Employability skills through the Way2Work programme
  • Project SEARCH
  • Work Related Learning
  • Way2Work
  • Work Experience
  • Duke of Edinburgh scheme
  • Horticulture
  • The Creative Arts
  • Inclusion opportunities with the local community and other 6th Forms
  • Links with Willink Secondary School, Reading College, BCA and Newbury College

Our aim is to equip the students with the skills they will need to become valued and integrated members of their communities.

The curriculum is enriched by a range of creative and physical education programmes and opportunities, including extra-curricular activities, residential trips, sports clubs and hobby clubs. In the summer term the students plan their own School Prom for which they provide the music and entertainment, and catering.

Students can follow accredited courses leading to recognized national qualifications. ASDAN Personal Progress and ASDAN Bronze Award provide a relevant programme of work, based on independent living skills as well as the core skills of English Maths and ICT.

A well established and thriving work related learning programme and Work Experience opportunities, alongside college link courses, supports the students growing independence and readiness for life after school.

What We Do 

Each student has their identified multidisciplinary educational team who work in partnership with parents and families to ensure that the educational and developmental needs of each student are met. This team will be drawn from the following professionals and will be based on each student’s statement.

  • Class TutorSixthForm-2
  • Specialist Teachers
  • Autism and Behaviour Support Team
  • Sensory Resource Team
  • Classroom Assistants
  • Speech and Language Therapists
  • Physiotherapist
  • Move Practitioner
  • Connexions Advisor

Working in Partnership

We value the partnerships we have with parents and families. Before deciding on whether Brookfields 6th Form is right for them, we provide a number of opportunities for parents and students to visit us before making a decision.

Planning for the future can be difficult but all our students in the 6th Form have the support of a dedicated team who can work in partnership with then and their families to help make this transition as smooth as possible and more importantly, support the young person on achieving their goals. For some young people, this may be going to college for others it may be going into the world of work

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