‘Some Pig’ – An amazing Secondary School Production!

Posted: Thursday 24th March 2016

The Creative Arts team are all so proud of our talented KS3 and KS4 students who performed and assisted backstage in our original take on the story of ‘Charlotte’s Web, Some Pig’ on March 16th, 17th and 18th.IMG_0038

We decided to re-set the story in 1968, which gave all of our departments the opportunity to have fun creatively exploring the music, fashion, people and events of that iconic era. Our original script included all sorts of well-known characters such as a beautiful spider called Twiggy, a cute cow couple called Sonny and Cher, a bossy horse called Lyndon B Johnson, some Elvis flies, the Dump Beatles and of course, the pig the story is all about, Donny (as in Osmond!).

The catchy music was chosen from the period and students loved learning songs such as Happy Together, Let it Be and Hi Ho Silver Lining. Their enjoyment of the songs was only surpassed by the audience who all seemed to know all the words too, and couldn’t help but join in throughout the performances! Yes, we saw you dancing at the back!!!IMG_0025

This year’s set was an opportunity to really bring a specific setting to life, in this case a rural farm in the state of Maine. The Art Department, with the aid of our Premises Team, transformed Brook House Hall into a barn with real farm tools, machines, hay bales and even a vintage tractor was driven over by a wonderfully generous parent to set the scene from the very moment the audience walked up to the school doors.

These shows could not happen without the amazing support of the whole teaching staff in KS3 and KS4 who dedicate a huge amount of time to making costumes, helping in rehearsals, making props and doing hair and makeup. We are also extremely grateful to our supportive parents at home who help with line learning and costume contributions. Thank you.IMG_0026

We hope all our talented students are basking in the glory of their enormous success in the performances. We couldn’t be more proud of their commitment, resilience, patience and teamwork, and cannot wait to see what else they can achieve next year.

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