Staff List

Name Job Title Email
Brandon Mills Headteacher [email protected]
Catherine Bernie Deputy Headteacher [email protected]
Debbie Mallam Deputy Headteacher [email protected]
Sarah Strudley Assistant Headteacher [email protected]
Maurice George Assistant Headteacher [email protected]
Andrew Brown School Business Manager [email protected]
Josh Connick Head Of Early Years [email protected]
Fay Bjornstad Teacher [email protected]
Nancy Slater Teacher [email protected]
Kathryn Sykes Teacher [email protected]
Lisa Neal Teacher [email protected]
Jamie Bonewell Head Of Key Stage 2 [email protected]
Anna Beaumont Teacher [email protected]
Molly Ramsey Teacher [email protected]
Bec King Teacher [email protected]
Ola Tarczynka Teacher [email protected]
Madeline Bromwich Teacher [email protected]
Angie Hunt Head Of Key Stage 3 [email protected]
Kirsty Simmonds Head Of Key Stage 3 [email protected]
Kimberley Legg Teacher [email protected]
George Aston Teacher [email protected]
Vicki Yates Teacher [email protected]
Helen Canham Teacher [email protected]
Igor Stofan Teacher [email protected]
Emily Stark Teacher [email protected]
Shelley Riley Head Of Key Stage 4 [email protected]
Sam Raw Teacher [email protected]
Rhian Jeffreys Teacher [email protected]
Liz Wainwright Teacher [email protected]
Alex Gomez Teacher [email protected]
Bruce Taylor Teacher [email protected]
James Gearing Head of ABSS [email protected]
Helen Maycock Teacher [email protected]
Ceri Brueton Teacher [email protected]
Viv Hames Teacher [email protected]
Tor Carter PE Teacher [email protected]
Karen Wallace-Jones Drama Teacher [email protected]
Julie Grant W2W Cordinator [email protected]
Chris Uren Head Of Maths [email protected]
Kelley Hope Swimming Instructor [email protected]
Sophie Mckim Office Manager [email protected]
Jackie Davies Office Administrator [email protected]
Adele Ryle Annual Review Administrator [email protected]
Karen Boyce Receptionist [email protected]
Sarah Bellman Receptionist [email protected]
Maggie Fray Curriculum Centre Manager [email protected]
Claire Reeves HR Officer [email protected]
Rachel Sheridan Premises Manager [email protected]
Charlotte Wilshire Fundraising Trailblazer [email protected]
Michael Shellard IT Manager [email protected]
Orrin Long IT Apprentice [email protected]


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