Brookfields School takes the job of Safeguarding very seriously. All staff are trained in Safeguarding and receive regular updates in line with current Policy and advice. All volunteers and visitors who are in the school for extended periods of time sign up to the schools Code of Conduct and have a DBS check.

Our Designated Safeguarding Leads are:

  • Brandon Mills (Head Teacher) is the school’s Dedicated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)
  • Catherine Bernie (Deputy Head Teacher) is Deputy DSL
  • Debbie Mallam (Deputy Head Teacher) is a DSL
  • Maurice George (Assistant Head Teacher) is a DSL
  • Sarah Strudley (Assistant Head Teacher) is a DSL
  • Ashley Stephens (Family Support Worker) is a DSL
  • Chris Manning (Governor) is a Designated Safeguarding governor

All safeguarding issues relating to staff and pupils at Brookfields School are reported to the Head Teacher or one of the other DSL’s.

All staff receive West Berkshire Level 1 Training.

All new staff appointed to the school are also expected to complete an on-line safeguarding course, prior to Level 1 Training being timetabled.

Members of SLT, the Governing Body and the schools HR Officer have been trained in Safer Recruitment.

In addition to this training, all staff receive a Brookfields Code of Conduct to read, keep and sign to confirm they agree with its content, annually. All staff know they need to report any suspicions, however small, of abuse, neglect or concern to one of the Designated Persons.

For detailed information about Safeguarding in West Berkshire, please look at the West Berkshire LSCB website

Please see our Safeguarding and Safer Recruitment Policies below:

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy July 2017

Safer Recruitment Policy – Spring 2017

Whistle Blowing For Staff and Volunteers


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