Autism and Behavioural Support Services

The Autism and Behaviour Support Service (ABSS) at Brookfields School offers a clinic service, which aims to provide behavioural support strategies for those families struggling with the challenging behaviour exhibited by their young people.

The clinic is available to any families that fall under the local authorities of West Berkshire or Reading, and with children who attend West Berkshire schools.

The clinics are held on a once-monthly basis, and parents / carers are invited to meet with staff working in the ABSS for a cup of tea and a consultation chat. Each appointment lasts up to 1 hour. Before the appointment, we also ask for any referral paperwork to be sent to us in the form of previous assessments, reports or feedback from school or information from doctors, therapists or psychologists who may be involved in their life. This information helps us get a clearer view of the young person’s needs and situation so we can offer the best-tailored advice.

During the clinic, we will aim to come up with some strategies that parents / carers can try themselves in the home environment in order to better manage the challenging behaviour that is occurring. There may also be resources that are provided by ABSS and sent on to home or school environments at a later date. Clinic appointments are usually one-off meetings, but repeat or ‘catch-up’ appointments may be made at the discretion of ABSS.

Following the clinic, a report will be sent to home and school environments after the clinic appointment, detailing the conversation and listing actions that have resulted from it.

The ABSS clinic is not an assessment service – we are unable to assess any individuals for Autism or make any diagnosis. Young people are not invited to clinic appointments, they are for parental or carer support only. The clinic is also not able to provide any in-home support such as a family support worker – this will need to come from a different local authority service.

If you think the ABSS clinic is appropriate for you or a family you are working with please contact the Outreach Administrator Clare Hallcup at Brookfields School:

[email protected]                     01189 421382

Clare will then send on referral paperwork so the case can be checked with the team before an appointment is booked.

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