Autism and Behavioural Support Services

The Autism and Behavioural Support Service (ABSS) was set up to help parents, staff and pupils at Brookfields School. The services offered by the ABSS team help to facilitate the best possible education and learning environment for pupils through offering a range of support that focuses on developing the child’s positive learning behaviours and enabling them to develop meaningful and positive relationships.

Pupils are supported in the classroom or the home either through 1:1 help or through observations, advice and programmes written to enable staff and parents to deal with difficult behaviours. The child’s environment is carefully considered and any adaptations made if necessary.

The ABSS provides individualised support for pupils to promote self-esteem, social understanding and self-regulation. This work is carried out by the ELSAs (Emotional Literacy Support Assistants) and the Specialist Autism Teacher.

The ABSS team are also available to offer training on the most up to date and effective ways of teaching and supporting the learning of children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, specialising in communication and relationship based approaches to autism. This is available to staff and parents in a number of different mediums, including online training, group training or individual support.


For further details of the school’s Autism and Behaviour Support Service, please contact Merete Hawkins on 0118 942 1382 or at [email protected]

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