Never Standing Still – Initiatives for Academic Year 2018 to 2019

Brookfields School is committed to changing the outcomes for our pupils and families. The diagram below is an illustration of some of the new initiatives we put into place for Academic Year 2018 to 2019

Part of our vision focusses on the importance of Brookfields School remaining at the forefront of SEN development. Some of these new initiatives clearly illustrate the additional work and research staff here are doing. We continue to ensure that the “day to day” curriculum, care and welfare of pupils, independence skills and opportunities are relevant, but continually strive to examine our capacity to improve.

Details of all our new initiatives are available in school, however, I will describe just a few:-

  • Considerable work has been undertaken by our Early Years staff relating to both assessment and curriculum resulting in requests for publication of new assessment tools. Copyright agreements are currently being investigated.
  • Similar work in Key Stage 4 and the 6th Form has resulted in another recording and monitoring tool, SILSAF (Secondary Independent Living Skills Assessment Framework), being created in house and sold to other schools.
  • We are the lead school for the Berkshire Teaching Alliance has been completed. All information related to this new initiative is now available on our website.
  • The development of Berkshire Alliance of Teaching Schools
  • CDI Careers Award 2019

Our staff are our greatest resource and staff at Brookfields consistently demonstrate their willingness to contribute to the enormous range of projects running throughout the school. They display a real dedication and commitment to their jobs and are constantly looking to improve the outcomes for all of our pupils.

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