School Vision

Head Teachers Vision

“For Brookfields School to be recognised as an innovative Centre of Excellence, providing an outstanding, personalised education for all pupils.

  • To create a learning community where entitlement, opportunity and challenge are championed
  • To offer outstanding SEN training, support and partnership for professionals, colleagues and parentsNew-Logo
  • To remain at the forefront of SEN development locally, regionally and nationally”


Early Years and Key Stage 1

This department supports the youngest pupils and gives them the best start possible to their education.  The work of the Key Stage has been recognised by being awarded “The Early Years Kite Mark” for the innovative work we do with, not only the pupils and their families, but also involving a range of different professionals who form each pupils’ Educational Team.

Our Vision is…

“To create a safe, caring and stimulating environment for all pupils on the first step of their school journey.  Our Core Values of Independence, Positive Relationships, Engagement and Enjoyment are at the heart of all we do”

Class sizes vary according to the individual needs of the pupils’ but every class has a teacher, at least one Teaching Assistant and a Specialist Teaching Assistant.  In addition to these staff, the class team’s work in partnership with Speech & Language Therapists, Physiotherapists, Sensory Processing Consultant and OT, as well as members of the schools Sensory Resource or Autism & Behaviour Support Service. All pupils have educational experiences based around the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum drawing on elements from the National Curriculum as appropriate and differentiated to meet each child’s learning style.

Key Stage 2

This department supports pupils from Year 3 up to Year 6.  We often have learners join us from mainstream primary schools in either Year 5 or Year 6 in preparation for their transition to our Secondary provision.  Again, pupils have their own Educational Team who work collaboratively with the family to ensure that all the individual learning needs are met no matter what their learning style might be.

Our vision is…

“To ensure that communication flourishes through meaningful interactions; individuals learn to regulate and manage their own behaviour through positive support and caring nature; learners are active, learning is meaningful and engagement is high; success is celebrated, challenge is confronted and barriers to learning challenged”

Class sizes are dependent on the needs of the pupils and the level of support they require which is reflected in the staffing. As pupils progress through the Key Stage, we build on the foundations of learning established in Early Years and Key Stage 1 with the emphasis placed on communication, independence and social skills as well as the more traditional academic skills.

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3 is the first department within the Secondary School. As well as pupils moving from our Primary School into Key Stage 3, we often have pupils join us in Year 7 from mainstream Primary Schools as their parents feel that a mainstream secondary school would not be the right educational path for them.

Our vision is…

When leaving Key Stage 3, our pupils will be confident learners ready to embark on the next steps to adulthood because we will have:

  • IMMERSED our pupils in an engaging and challenging curriculum.
  • NURTURED a strong sense of self-identity.
  • PROMOTED independence and emotional well-being.
  • STRENGTHENED communication and social skills to build meaningful relationships.
  • ENABLED our pupils to transfer their skills into the wider community.

Learning is based on the National Curriculum that is taught by specialist subject teachers, with the emphasis on Mathematics and Literacy but is augmented with the addition of Social Skills, PSHE, Life Skills, Town Training and Residential opportunities. As the pupils move through the Key Stage, they are supported in considering what their future dreams and ambitions might be and for those pupils in Y9, they present their Transition Action Plan at their Person Centred Annual Review through which they can begin to express their ideas about their future.

Key Stage 4

The majority of Key Stage 4 students follow a 2 year programme designed to give them a smooth transition to the next stage of their education or employment whether that be the 6th Form at Brookfields School or on to Further Education or Employment. The National Curriculum subjects form the foundation of the curriculum with an overarching emphasis on the development of practical skills for independence and future employment personalised for individuals or groups of students. Throughout the curriculum students will also be taught to:

  • Communicate confidently across different settings
  • Generalise essential skills learnt in school out in the community
  • Develop emotional resilience so as to recognise and respond appropriately to their own and others emotions

Alongside the national curriculum subjects, our students will also access the following opportunities based on individual learning styles and abilities:

  • Pathways to Employment programme which includes; Way2Work Lessons, Work Experience opportunities and Work Related Learning experiences
  • Disability Awareness
  • Sex and Relationships Education
  • Duke of Edinburgh Scheme
  • Sports Leadership
  • Independence skills including Town Training and Food Technology
  • Horticulture
  • Links with local FE colleges

At the end of Year 11 students work is accredited through the Entry Level Certificate or ASDAN Personal Progress, depending on the pupils’ individual learning style. For some pupils who show ability in Maths, English or Art, we are able to provide specialist teaching culminating in attaining a GCSE in that subject.

Our vision is…

“For all Key Stage 4 students to leave us equipped with the personal skills essential for making a positive impact on those around them, enabled to fulfil their individual potential and energised, ready for the next stage of their education or employment as increasingly confident and independent young adults”

6th Form

The 6th Form is a thriving and growing department of the school with the aim of not only continuing with the students learning and development but also supporting their transition into life beyond school whether it is in to employment or Further Education. Depending on the level at which the students are attaining when they enter the 6th Form, they will follow one of our 5 Learning Pathways commensurate with their learning style. As with the other areas of the school, the students needs are supported through our multidisciplinary approach with the young person and the family at the centre. We work carefully with the young person, their family and other professionals to ensure that their transition from school to adult life is well planned.

For more information about the 6th Form at Brookfield’s School, look at the following document Brookfields School 6th Form Information for Parents

Our vision is…

“To equip and prepare all our students for adult life so that they can lead
full and productive lives as members of their own community.”

We aim to achieve this by:

  • Providing a stimulating learning environment, where students can access a range of exciting activities, designed to educate, stimulate and challenge
  • Creating an ethos in which everyone is valued and respected and where students are motivated, supported and encouraged to strive for success
  • Providing the highest quality of teaching and learning, through a skilled and appropriately trained and dedicated staff team
  • All students will access a range of accredited courses which will increase learning opportunities and raise achievements
  • Providing outstanding care, support and guidance for all our students through a caring and nurturing community resulting in their excellent behaviour and high quality personal development
  • Preparing our students for adult life by taking part in independence and self help skills programmes
  • Where appropriate, some students will work towards gaining the skills necessary for paid employment through a range of work related experiences, activities and Project Search
  • Working in partnership with students, their families, professionals and local authorities, to prepare the leavers for life after Brookfield’s.
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