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Posted: Tuesday 28th April 2015

Our new website is just one of the projects that this year’s Services Interns have been working on with us. We would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all  the interns form Microsoft for their amazing work with us over the last 8 months.

We have a long standing partnership with Microsoft based in Reading. Over the last 5+ years, we have supported their interns in their understanding of learning difficulties, autism, sensory moments, physical impairments and the impact that these may have on an individual. In turn, the interns have worked with the school in developing our use of technology.

You may remember what our previous website looked like. It was a great way of communicating about the work of the school and what we do but it soon became dated. The ‘old website’ was built by the first group of Grads and Interns we worked with, who are now employed by Microsoft and happen to be supporting this year’s group, all 21 of them!

This year’s interns were involved in one of 3 projects, each with a very specific focus and brief:

  • Developing a new website
  • Developing an app to instantly capture pupils’ progress and attainment, linking it to individual targets
  • Developing the way staff use technology to support their working day

The constant theme which has run through all 3 projects has been ‘capturing a moment in time’ – capturing the great achievements our pupil’s make instantly; communicating this to parents quickly; enabling staff to work more smartly by using technology to the full.

All these projects have made and will continue to make a significant impact on the lives of our pupils, their families and also the staff. Brookfields School is all about changing lives for the better – the team from Microsoft have had a key role in changing the lives of our pupils, families and staff…for the better.

Watch this space for more information about the exciting Microsoft projects!

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