White Class News, written by Razeen

Posted: Friday 12th May 2017

This term we enjoyed the Morris men that came to our school for a special performance. We really liked the Morris men music especially the sticks. We hope they come again!

Last term we saw the Aladdin play and we really enjoyed it our favourite part was Jafar getting sucked into the genie lamp because of the explosion! It was very clever! Thank you Key stage 3 and 4. We look forward to the next one.

In cooking, we made our own fish and chips with Pink class. It was not a cook off but more of a cooking friendship. We have also made savoury muffins, chocolate tiffin and brownie and flapjacks. We really enjoyed trying all the food. We voted for our favourite food and the food that gets the most votes wins. Lisa writes the tally charts and does a cross if there is five.

We had a cross curricular day themed to our make a mess topic. We painted our own custom shirts had a messy play inside the hall, went to the social area , met a science boffin and threw coloured powder at each other at the end of the day. It was amazing!

We went to Bradfield college tennis club and had an amazing time. We had a man called Dan teach us how to play tennis, knock over alien ships, how to score by counting etc. It was fun. In our last tennis lesson we had a tournament and gave Dan a card to say thank you.

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